Deaf Cycling Midnight Mumbai

Location: Colaba to Worli     Event: Outdoor


Aqil Chinoy, Vice-Chairman of YAD: Hello! The YAD had always planned exciting programs every year, so this year for the first time in India, the YAD planned a special event, guess what?

CYCLING at Midnight in Mumbai!

Heena Siddique, Participant: Hello! This is Heena Siddique. I with all my friends for the first time really enjoyed a lot – guess what? Running? Or travelling? No! Cycling! Look! Everyone was getting ready for cycling! They were excited and looking forward to cycling for the first time with friends. They won’t get tired (but I might) and were excited to chat while cycling. They enjoyed the most and the best! It was different and newer than common and regular programs like walking, etc. Just like hearing world we were celebrating in our own deaf world. Hope the YAD would repeat this enjoyable cycling program every year. So see you next time then.

Harish Chaudhari, Participant: Hello! I arrived here for cycling program. Wow it was beautiful, peaceful, and cool and I was happy it was during midnight, during not hot sweaty afternoon or warm evening. Every day I went for work and went home v tiringly to my quiet family like I was the robot with no brain. But this idea of cycling made me surprised! Of course I knew cycling but I felt  different as my health felt perked up and I was excited and nice to meet old and new friends with whom I had not met before in the YAD years. I felt good and thanked the YAD for bringing up the good idea of cycling. I wanted to encourage the YAD to bring up the different ideas for every year celebration. I was happily enjoying and clicking pictures with friends. Thanks!

Dhruv Dhawan, Participant: Hello! (Dhruv) I really enjoyed cycling as it was beautiful out there. It was my first experience to try cycling with friends in Mumbai especially next to the beautiful beach. I felt good and recommended the YAD to try different ideas for every year. Hoped to see you guys again next year then. I enjoyed! Thanks!

Tushar Wani, Participant: Hello to u all my deaf friends!  the YAD planned new idea this year, guess what? – Cycling from CST to Worli! Few deaf people about around 100-150 enjoy a lot. It was first time in India and we were proud of ourselves proving that we could manoeuvre on the roads, uphill and downhills. We felt great and wanted to repeat it next year. Thanks!

Aqil Chinoy, Vice-Chairman of YAD: Further to the previous positive feedbacks, I wish to add more important points I noticed at the event – 1) Strong Cooperation, 2) Building Confidence and, yes of course, 3) fun socialising with deaf friends.

I wanted to thank the YAD team who made the cycling program successful, most importantly the three persons – 1) Rushabh, 2) Yadnesh, and 3) Anup. Also the YAD’s partnered with the hearing venture team – TAH (Treks And Hikes).

Hope in the future, we would plan new special programs for you all. Please watch out for future announcements. And also please I request u all to support the YAD in the future. Thanks and Bye!

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